False Idols in the Curated City: 4 Rules for Talking About Gentrification in Portland

Some years ago, two dudes from Virginia came to visit Oregon. When they returned home, they gave such a glowing report about the region that many of the people they told decided to check out the area for themselves. One by one they began moving to the Willamette Valley, and they brought with them their own sensibilities about what the Pacific Northwest should look like. Although the change was gradual, within a few decades, the native inhabitants of this picturesque locale came to realise that t

How to Fight for Portland

How to Fight for Portland Portland Is Changing. How Do We Make Sure It Changes in the Right Ways? "GENTRIFICATION" is a word that's been on the lips of many Portlanders these days—people are talking about it with increasing frequency in bars, on TriMet, in the press, and on social media. With this discussion has come an outpouring of strong emotions: sadness! resentment! rage! bitterness! (To paraphrase Yoda: "Fear, anger, hatred... Portland, this is.") That's some pretty negative stuff—and yet

A Question of Dignity

Politicians Are Going After Muslim Immigrants and Syrian Refugees—Forgetting About Oregon's Shameful Treatment of Japanese Americans EVERY DAY, thousands of Portlanders travel Naito Parkway as it hugs the bank of the Willamette River, carrying a steady stream of humanity through the heart of the city. It's a path that takes them past the cherry trees in Waterfront Park and within eyeshot of Chinatown, where freshly renovated buildings dominate the landscape. But while those who traverse this st

Why You Need To Stop Posting #100HappyDays Updates

There is a new and pervasive trend in social media, and it confronts me every time I log onto Facebook. Every day, thousands of well-intentioned people are taking to the internet to document their “100 Days of Happiness” or #100HappyDays. In an attempt to combat the drudgery of The Grind and encourage people to “appreciate the moment,” everyday citizens are letting their feelings freak flag fly, proudly declaring to the world that they got to sleep in that day or that they “had dinner with their

Juicy Tips From Insiders on How to Make the Most out of Portland

“Wine bar Enoteca Nostrana has one of the most underrated happy hours in the city [and] gorgeous interior decoration. Eem (above) on North Williams has a really good concept—it’s a very nice Asian-inspired barbecue spot ... a little bit higher class than standing in line for wings at Pok Pok. And the cocktails are really well executed. For city hikes, Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. It’s fascinating to be in the heart of the city and yet surrounded by nature. If you want a challenge, Warrior Rock L

(Instagram Collaboration: Oregon Health Authority)

One of the things I missed most about life before COVID-19 was the simple pleasure of being able to sit at a bar and share a drink with your friends. Our sense of community is often very much rooted in shared ritual, and for me, one of my most cherished observances is ambling up to the bartop of some quiet restaurant, making small talk with the bartender, and sharing food or drink with close friends. I missed this so much last year, especially as the weather turned colder and socially distanced outdoor activities became less and less feasible. So this year, I'm grateful. Grateful that I was able to get Pfizer earlier this year, and that the side effects were negligible. Grateful that I'll be able to get a booster shot in the near future. Grateful for the piece of mind it's given me as the nation has dealt with Delta and with breakthrough cases. Grateful that I can be with my friends (responsibly) as the weather turns colder and outdoor dining options begin to wane. And grateful that the Oregon Health Authority has given me the opportunity to share #MyVaccineReason with you. If you're still on the fence about getting vaccinated, I'm not sure what I can tell you that the CDC or the Oregon Health Authority can't, except to bear witness to the real toll that COVID-19 has taken on the unvaccinated people I know, both on those who survived and on the families of those that did not. And just know that if you decide to get vaccinated, we're saving a seat at the bar for you. Sponsored by the Oregon Health Authority